Mas & Mrs P

Photo Artistry

About Mas & Mrs P

We’re pleased to meet you and glad you’ve stopped by our site.  Tom (Mas) and Carolyn (Mrs) Pickering (P) are young-minded seniors living and creating art from their photography in Davenport, Iowa, USA.

This site is a re-branding of sorts for the Art part of our photography business, PhotoPicks Photography & Art, which focuses on a variety of services like portraits, weddings, and the like.  As seniors, we are less able to handle the stress of portrait work and more inclined towards dedicating our time to taking the pictures WE want and using those images to create unique art pieces.

Carolyn Meuer-Pickering

Carolyn, though a relative newcomer to photography, has long dabbled in a variety of creative pursuits, allowing her to quickly embrace her photographs with unique artistic interpretations.   A life-long resident of Davenport Iowa, she’s full of midwestern charm (not to mention some mischief, too!).

Tom (’Mas) Pickering

Tom has been taking pictures (and working with computers) for over 45 years and doing both on a professional level for nearly 20 years.   Now firmly entrenched in the digital age, Tom has the expertise with a variety of software tools that allow him to offer professional image retouching and conversions, as well as making images into more than they were to begin with.